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Kre-Aktywni Association
Lodz, Poland

Kre-Active is an association of young, creative people who want to influence the surrounding environment with their actions.  All members share a common passion: the use of new technologies in life and work, and the desire to help others. The main goal is to promote and activate young people, as well as disadvantaged groups. In addition, the ambition of Kre-Active is to promote entrepreneurship and the development of innovative teaching methods, the practice of lifelong learning. By organizing trainings, conferences, courses, workshops, symposiums, the association wants to improve the skills and competencies of its members and supporters. The Kre-Activists Association specializes in organizing interactive training courses and workshops for a diverse audience.

VSI InoproLT
Kaunas, Lithuania

INOPROLT – innovative projects in Lithuania. The NGO was founded in 2017 The main goal is to discover, among other things, human resources that help them cope with current and future problems, transforming them into life challenges and goals. The team aims to provide learners with the knowledge they need to make their dreams come true. One of the main areas of interest is artificial intelligence, digitization and entrepreneurship.

NGO INOPROLT’s main activities are training and seminars, educational field trips for adults and young people. The main areas are self-development, digitization, entrepreneurship. Over the past few years, we have conducted several different trainings and workshops on the following topics: effectiveness of digitization in social life and business, social media and platforms in business development, self-confidence, digitization, self-confidence development, digital marketing. However, the core group is the youth, and it is for them that INOPROLT organizes workshops, events, projects, mobility, educational programs and initiatives related to development, integration, security, digital addiction problems.

Professional Group for International Development APDI
Granada, Spain

APDI is a Group of Entities cooperating at international level, selected of entities with recognized prestige in their field of actions, training and consulting projects with the aim to intervene and improve in the personal, professional and social level. Their staff and territories where they operate, together with synergies they create lead to a better future of the community as a whole. Guided by the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), APDI has a presence on four continents and specializes in obtaining, managing and implementing international projects with Multilateral Funds, especially with European Union Funds. Our training-centres are based in Spain (Granada, Madrid and A Coruña) and in Honduras (Tegucigalpa) with expensive experience in trainings for a first job placement, as to recycling and qualification of active workers, and to any person in general who wants to improve his/her skills, seeking specialization which helps to achieve working objectives. We have managed others Erasmus+ Projects arranging the internship placements, language courses, accommodation and cultural visits for the students. We have a long track of experience in different European Mobility Project, Erasmus+ Programmes, Key Action 1 (KA1) and Key Action 2 (KA2). Thanks to our experience and centers we can offer European Certifications, Workshops, Professional Visits, Training Courses and Educational Visits. APDI has experience in the management, creation and implementation of training programs such as the Master’s Degree in Pedagogical Skills and Educational Innovation that it has in Central America in collaboration with UNIR and the Secretariat of Education of Honduras. Training for more than 60,000 Central American teachers. Among the activities that fulfil the above purpose, we highlight: the realization of projects and activities in the field of technologies (R + D + I); the promotion of technological development and innovation; the organization of training and dissemination activities for the training of people related to the sector; the development of specific activities and projects, aimed at disadvantaged groups or at risk of social exclusion, in the field of occupational risk prevention, equal opportunities, sports, the environment, and personal, cultural and social improvement.