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Transnational project meeting

On February 12-13, we held our third and thus final international partnership meeting. The meeting was an opportunity to summarize the implemented activities, evaluation and drawing of conclusions by individual partner organizations. Below is a photo-report from the two-day meeting.

Testing a virtual escape room in Granada

We would like to share our virtual escape room about safe internet with you all.All participants received a presentation on the Erasmus+ program; information project and we have already tested the Virtual Escape Room and collected opinions.

Cyber news: safe shopping

Black Friday deals are very close. Please check our reminder about the tips how to shop online in the safe way.

Workshops in Grenada

We would like to share our safe workshop with you. The informative training program provided all participants with a comprehensive learning experience, imparting valuable knowledge and igniting a passion for internet security practices. The innovative training methodology combined with an… Read More »Workshops in Grenada

Cyber news

Please see below 5 ways of how to stay safe in the Internet. Wyświetl statystyki i reklamy Promuj post Lubię to! Komentarz Udostępnij

Partners meeting

Today’s partnership meeting – we summarized Our activities and made a plan for the next one. We are currently working on a comic book and Virtual Escape Room.

Cyber news: cyberattacks

Do you want to know our 4 tips to prevent from cyberattacks? Please see below:

Transnational project meeting

A transnational project meeting of partners was held in Grenada on June 18-19. The host organization was Agrupación de Profesionales para el Desarrollo Internacional APDI. During the 2 days, representatives of partner organizations from Poland Association Cre-Active, Lithuania VSI InoproLT… Read More »Transnational project meeting

Think before you clic!

Protect your personal information from phishing attempts! Cybercriminals often use email attachments and suspicious links to trick you into revealing sensitive data. Stay vigilant with these tips: Double-check the source: Before opening an email attachment or clicking on a link,… Read More »Think before you clic!