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Summary of the project

After 24 months of project implementation, we have completed all project activities. The partners from the Kre-Active Association, VSI InoproLT, Agrupación de Profesionales para el Desarrollo Internacional APDI would like to thank the project participants, trainers, educators and experts who implemented the project activities. Summary in numbers:

  • 1 workshop program with 4 interactive scenarios about online safety
  • 1 city game program with environmental tasks,
  • a set of 4 comic books
  • 2 virtual escape rooms
  • 140 workshop participants,
  • 90 participants of city games,
  • 30 participants testing virtual escape rooms
  • 3 international partnership meetings, including in Lodz , Grenada and 1 online,
  • 6 online meetings on Skype and Zoom,
  • dozens of emails and WhatsApp messages between partners,
  • 1 website with more than 8650 visits
  • 1 Facebook profile.

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