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Invitation to the city game

Inoprolt invites you to participate in a free city game in Kaunas Old Town and New Town for teams of 4-6 youth or individuals without a team. During the orientation, participants will complete tasks on data security and safe use… Read More »Invitation to the city game

Cyber news: Phishing

Phishing is the identity theft of a service or company to try to scam people. For example, you could receive an email asking you to update your bank details because your credit card is about to expire. In this email… Read More »Cyber news: Phishing

Invitation to workshops

KreAktywni Association invites you to participate in interactive workshops on safe use of the Internet, which will be held in November at two locations in Lodz: “Culture Island” of MSK and the Faculty of Education Sciences of the University of… Read More »Invitation to workshops

Cyber news: FAKE NEWS

What is fake news, how to recognize it and not be manipulated? We will answer these and other questions in the following “cyber news”. We invite you to learn and share your experiences in the comments and forums

Cyber news: passwords

Passwords are the key that opens the door to the use of all our services. If our passwords are exposed, cybercriminals could be able to use them to enter them and impersonate us, make payments in our name, change or… Read More »Cyber news: passwords

Invitation to workshop

The KreAktywni Association invites you to participate in a training on online safety, which will be held in November at the Municipal Cultural Zone in Lodz. Participation in the training is free of charge. Please fill out the application form… Read More »Invitation to workshop

Cyber news

Do you receive emails with suspicious links and requests and don’t know whether to respond, wondering if the messages published online are reliable?We will soon be posting these and other information on how to be safe online on Facebook and… Read More »Cyber news

Invitation to city game

Kre-Active Association invites you to participate in the city game, which will be held on September 29. Those willing to participate, or teams (4-5 people), please sign up at 509 798 490.


The scenarios for workshops and a city game about cyber safety on the web are ready! We invite young people aged 15-29, as well as trainers, teachers to participate in our activities, during which you will gain knowledge about cyber… Read More »PROJECT ACTIVITIES