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Interactive workshops

The training will consist of 4 interactive workshops aimed mainly at youth and youth workers. During the workshop, several basic issues related to cyber security will be discussed.

These will include:

– the problem of hacking social media accounts

– leakage of personal data

– creating strong passwords + password organizers

– problems related to online shopping

– card or bank transfer – checking the credibility of sites

– the most common mistakes when using electrical devices with Internet access

During the workshop we will present the dangers that may face us in our daily use of the Internet, how to prevent them and how to deal with them when they occur. Registration for the workshop will take the form of an online form. Our target audience is youth workers, youth workers who, after completing the workshop with us and gaining a level of knowledge, will continue to pass it on to their students.

FINAL VERSION of the training program with workshop scenarios and materials for trainers